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Prevention Program Against Actions In Conflict With innogy's Interests

Code of Conduct


Dear Suppliers,

Have you encountered any actions in conflict with innogy's interests – i.e., unethical or unlawful conduct within innogy Group companies, infractions of the innogy Code of Conduct, or other situations or actions which you found to be at odds with the law or with internal rules and regulations at innogy Group companies, and/or directly jeopardizing the interests of innogy Group companies, such as fraud, violations of work safety and health protection rules, discrimination, or corruption? Please confide in us!

As a part of the above-mentioned prevention program, the innogy Group companies have been engaged in active cooperation with their suppliers since 1 October 2009. The cornerstone for preventing actions against innogy's interests within the innogy Group is our corporate culture, which is tasked with creating an environment and an atmosphere in which actions in conflict with innogy's interests do not thrive. One important component of corporate culture throughout the innogy Group is the innogy Code of Conduct, a tool which supports our efforts to always interact with everyone as an exemplary, reliable, and honest business partner and employer. We expect you to respect and observe the principles embodied by the innogy Code of Conduct.

The innogy Group companies have decided to combat any potential irregularities in this respect, and to this end established the innogy Green Line – an anonymous hotline for you to report any suspicions of actions aimed against innogy's interests.

Guide to the innogy Green Line you will find here.

The innogy Group companies are committed to looking into any case of suspected action against innogy's interests, thoroughly investigating all cases brought to their attention, and using disciplinary and legal means to root out such conduct.

The innogy Green Line is administered on behalf of innogy Group companies by the law firm BBH, advokátní kancelář, v.o.s., who offer this service in their capacity as an unbiased institution, through three dedicated representatives whom you may contact both anonymously or on a name basis – the benefit of the latter being that you may request to be kept informed about the progress and the results of investigations. If you so wish, you may disclose your name to the staff of the innogy Green Line but still remain anonymous vis-à-vis all innogy Group companies.

In the case of procurement procedures, receipt of a complaint over the innogy Green Line has no suspensive effect on the tender.

All information related to internal investigation is strictly confidential.